What is GoPage?

GoPage is a digital loyalty platform and Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) across the nation. GoPage was built to preserve and promote the ecosystem of small, independent businesses. The core GoPage platform features a digital loyalty network, used to facilitate interactions between Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) and their customers (GoPage members) who support them. Instead of using paper or plastic cards, the loyalty program is 100% mobile app based.

As a member of the GoPage network, you are a preferred patron. With this comes huge savings for the money you already spend. Both GoPage members and businesses use the free GoPage loyalty network mobile app, available on iOS and Android, to locate and track loyalty purchases.

With the GoPage loyalty network app, it's fast and easy to search and connect to real time information from local business. You will see promotions, pop up sales and shopping happy hours, and you will earn fantastic loyalty rewards from your favorite stores and services.

Every loyalty program is saved as a digital card within the mobile app. No more bulky and inconvenient plastic or paper loyalty cards to lose or forget. The GoPage mobile app quickly helps you search for, locate loyalty cards for any business.

Simply stated, GoPage helps you make the very most of the hard-earned dollars you spend. Why make everyday things more expensive than they have to be?

Don’t wait-get the app and start your savings now!

GoPage for Business.

2016 is the year where mobile devices overtook desktop computers as the primary source of internet traffic. As a result, many businesses are missing more than 50% of all their internet traffic due to their digital presence not being mobile ready. Many existing HTML websites and PDF brochures were simply never engineered to work with mobile devices.

GoPage builds powerful digital curb appeal for your small business and so much more.

GoPage takes you far beyond just being "mobile ready"!

GoPage works well for service type businesses (such as chiropractors), product type businesses (such as shoe stores), and everything in between.

To start with, all GoPage businesses will receive mobile ready web profile pages that contain multiple ways for customers to directly interact with them. Mobile users can touch call, email, text message, users can communicate with a business, as well as find out store hours and get directions, all in one place on their mobile devices

GoPage provides businesses with a digital loyalty program that is able to be custom designed specifically for their business.

GoPage also gives businesses the ability to communicate with their customers via email, text, and social media.

GoPage equipped businesses have the ability to broadcast daily or weekly sales to all GoPage Members. Businesses can fill slow times by having a "Happy Hour" at any time of day they choose for their business and easily let all of their customers know with a push of a button.

GoPage also allows business managers to take action on vital, actionable business information that is actionable to quickly take advantage of it to grow revenue. Your entire GoPage business dashboard is designed to be so simple that any employee can easily use it. Just ask your employee for the information you would like to have and with that information, you can make a marketing decision and have it implemented by anyone in just minutes.

By automating mobile marketing, you can stay focused on what matters most - running your business! The same dashboard also allows you to see the real time results of your marketing campaigns.

Bring your business to new heights you never thought possible by getting GoPage for your business now.

How do I get started?

  1. Become a member
  2. Log in and search for your business from the "Find a Business" link.
  3. If you find it, then claim it.
  4. just click on "Add your Business"

That's it! If you want to be able to add deals for your customers and create marketing campaigns from the business dashboard, click "Sign up for business essentials".

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