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GoPage is a revolutionary new tool for business owners and members to help them understand the nature of their relationship and benefit from it. GoPage's platform uses mobile technology, coupled with a rich back end, to provide business owners with the tools they need to build powerful campaigns to recognize who their most valuable customers are, set loyalty and rewards programs for those customers and also attract new customers.

GoPage allows members to start building reward immediately. After signing up, users simply start adding the businesses they use to their favorites. They add their corner grocer, the veterinarian, their cleaning staff, the local book store, coffe shop and toy stores. Members then use the GoPage mobile application to track their shopping habits. This data is stored in a manner that is controlled by the Member, not ending up in the hands of some large, faceless corporation.

Members then choose how much data they want to share with the various businesses they use. Guides help them understand the value of this and how to accomplish it. After all, GoPage recognizes that the data belongs to the ones who create it, not third parties who use it for their purposes.

Members who own businesses can claim their businesses to manage through GoPage. GoPage provides them with a way to keep the conversations with their customers going long after the customer leaves the store. The business owners use the wizards to create powerful and effective campaigns that provide results.

GoPage Member

All of us at GoPage are just like you.

Most of the time we spend our money with in 30 minutes or less from where we live and or work. Another point is, none of us ever leave our home without our phones. The interesting point about that is, everywhere we go we create data for the phone companies whether we have our location services on or off. The phone companies use and sell this data to a number of sources.

At GoPage, we kept asking ourselves these questions until we came up with straightforward, easy to use solutions. The people are the ones creating this valuable data, how can they get paid for creating it? The people are the ones spending their hard earned money buying their day to day needs, how can they get paid for doing it?

We designed GoPage to solve those questions and a whole lot more. With your GoPage app, you get paid the minute you sign up, you get paid for your purchases, you get paid for your referrals, you get paid for so many things, it is too long to list here.

Download the app now and start getting paid.

GoPage For Business

Many of us at GoPage have owned multiple small businesses. We know how overwhelming it can be. It becomes even more overwhelming if you also have a family to support as well. Many of us at GoPage have run small businesses for decades.

With our small business hats on we kept asking ourselves these simple questions until we came up with straightforward, easy to use and in expensive solutions.
How can we market to people with phones?
How can we compete with the Big Box stores that have massive digital marketing budgets?
How can we get my customers to come back more often and spend more money in our business?
How can we get new customers?

We solved all of those issues and a whole lot more.

GoPage is for Business! GoPage is for Comnsumers!

GoPage, your Active Loyalty & Customer Engagement Platform

We provide simple, dead easy and inexpensive solutions for your business to engage new customers, keep them repeatedly coming back and referring their friends and business associates to go to your business.

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