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Living Water Plus provide cleanest drinking water to everyone, Our water are filtered by 9 stages Reverse Osmosis filtration progress, our commercial grade system can filter all the harmful bacteria, chemical (chlorine) and heavy metal from your tap water, its our commitment to give you the freshest taste! ​ All our quality filter are changed regularly and our water are inspected and tested by private lab quarterly to ensure the quality of our drinking water. Chlorination by-products ​ Chlorine is a strong chemical, but the chlorine itself is not the main cause for concern in drinking water. When chlorine interacts with organic matter (such as dead leaves and soil) in untreated water, it forms new chemicals that remain in the water. These are called chlorination by-products. It is chlorination by-products that can increase cancer risk. The amount of chlorination by-products formed during water treatment depends on the amount of chlorine used and on the amount of organic matter in the water. Canadian Cancer Society Living water plus offer the most comparative pricing in Great Vancouver area for as low as $2.50 per bottle refill.

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