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The GoPage mobile application is the heart of the GoPage platform. It contains the digital loyalty card that is presented to businesses so you can show them you are a GoPage Member. Have you ever wondered why you are creating all the rich, valuable data for the cell companies and their affiliates AND you are paying them for that privilege? After all, YOU are the one who is creating this valuable data on your shopping habits and you are the one who should logically control that data. If there is a profit to be made from sharing that data, isn't it only fair that you, the owner and creator of the data, be the one who benefits? GoPage, we believe that YOU should be the one who benefits from sharing it.

The GoPage Members App creates and stores data about certain aspects of your consumer habits. The mobile app puts you in control over whether or not to share the data and what businesses you want to share it with. In most cases, this data helps put the smaller, independent businesses on an equal footing with the larger "big box" store chains in terms of being able to cater to your needs. As GoPage members ourselves, we know that having that power is a good thing!

It all comes down to the type of world we want to live in. While some believe it to be healthy to have only a handful of global, multi-national businesses control everything, we prefer the idea of a rich and diversified retail world, where the consumers have choices. We like the entire "Shop Locally" mantra and no one can argue that helping the small businesses ultimately helps us. Those SMB's drive over half of most economies. By helping the SMB's, we are all helping to create a future with a rich and diversified ecosystem of small, independent businesses.

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GoPage Member App Features

The GoPage mobile SmartApp allows you to track your location and share visits to your stores with the business owners. It also contains an electronic "Smart" Loyalty card. This data and card is used by the business owners to reward you for your patronage and also to provide highly specialized deals and sales that cater to YOUR needs, not the needs of someone sort of like you. After all, you are truly unique!

The app also allows GoPage users to suggest deals and specials that business owners can offer to you. This allows you to create loyalty programs that are tailored right to you!

What About Businesses?

Many have asked us the question "why would a business want this data". Consider the box full of loyalty cards depicted below. To the business owner, this box contains the most current data about their top 250 customers. how likely each customer is to come by the business on any given day or week, what their favorite orders are, how often they purchase from the business and more. Unfortunately, the business cannot retrieve any of that data so it is basically non-actionable.

GoPage Loyalty Cards

By digitizing this data, the business owner can not only answer all these questions, they can also directly market to each and every consumer. By being able to see the patterns, they can detect things like customer problems, trends, favorites and more. GoPage is a solution that creates a win-win!

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