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What is a GoPage deal? Simply explained, anything that provides a benefit to a GoPage member from a business is deemed a “deal.” Once published, any GoPage member can see a deal and redeem it by presenting their mobile app based GoPage loyalty card.

To view your loyalty card:

  • Sign in to
  • Select "membership card" from the Membership Dashboard area
  • Or, select membership card from your mobile app main menu

Deals are offered in four basic types.

  • Type 1: A discount on a single item
  • Type 2: A discount on a combined purchase or 2 or more items
  • Type 3: A loyalty punch card deal (buy X, get one free)
  • Type 4: A "buy one, get one free" deal.

You can use the app to create deals for specific dates and times. (Example: “buy one, get one free until 7/15/18”).

Customers can use your deals by bringing their phone with the GoPage app into your business and presenting their GoPage membership card for you to scan.

How do deals get created?

A business owner can directly create a deal, or a deal can be proposed to a business by any GoPage member who has added the business as a favorite.

For business owners:

  • Select "Create a New Deal" from your Business Dashboard
  • Use online wizards to answer the questions

Within a mere 5 minutes, you can create a deal whether it be a simple X% off a single item deal or a more complex "buy one, get one free" loyalty deal.

Who can create a business deal?

If you are a GoPage member and you own a business, you first need to claim your business, then you can acquire a GoPage Business Essentials account and create a deal for that business.

If you are already able to access your business dashboard, then you have already claimed a business but may yet need to upgrade your account to a GoPage business essential's account. During the Beta period, these are offered to you for free and your code will be sent to you when you register for a GoPage business essential's account. Use the contact form link below to reach us and request your free code to get the business essential's account.

Make sure when in your business dashboard that you use the pull-down menu to select the business you want to work on. GoPage members who have added a business as a "favorite" can also suggest a deal that they would like that business to offer. For example, if you think that as a regular customer you see a value for ongoing loyalty to a business, you can suggest a loyalty card to a business owner. Businesses that have not yet been claimed may take longer to respond. GoPage team members will work hard to track down the owner of these businesses to sign them up to respond to deal proposals.

Start now!

If you are a member and want to propose a deal to a business you use:

  • Favorite the business
  • Log in to your Member Dashboard
  • Click on "Propose a Deal" link
  • Select the business you want to propose a deal to
  • Use the wizards to complete the process!

If you are a business owner:

  • Log in to the business dashboard and scroll down
  • Click on the "Sign-up for GoPage Business Essentials" menu item
  • Select this and enter your business essentials account code
  • If you do not have a code, use the GoPage contact information below to request a code
  • NOTE: Before you can offer a deal as a business, your business must be in the GoPage Directory and you must have claimed it.

    For any more questions, please contact the GoPage team using the form below.

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