GoPage New Member Guide and Orientation

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GoPage is a revolutionary new tool for GoPage members and business owners to help them each understand the nature of their relationship and benefit from it. GoPage's platform uses mobile technology, coupled with a rich back end, to provide business owners with the tools they need to build powerful mobile marketing campaigns to recognize who their most valuable customers are, set loyalty and rewards programs and attract new customers.

As a GoPage member, you start earning rewards points immediately. After signing up, simply start adding the shops you use to your list of favorite businesses. Add your corner grocer, veterinarian, cleaning staff, local book stores, coffee shops and toy stores.

So I joined GoPage, What should I do now?

Add the businesses you use or want to use. This is done by adding businesses as "favorites". This helps the businesses understand who their customers are so they can in turn offer you deals that are geared to you, not someone "sort of like you". Additionally, members who own or manage businesses can add or claim their businesses to manage via GoPage. GoPage provides them with a way to engage their customers in conversations long after the customer leaves the store. When others favorite your business, you will be able to see those events and begin to take action to respond to what your customers want. See the section "What is GoPage" section to read more.

What about Rewards Points?

With the GoPage Mobile App or the GoPage website, you get rewarded with GoPage rewards points the minute you sign up and subsequently, for many other things you would normally do. One of the easiest ways to earn rewards points is to finish filling in your user profile. These rewards points can be exchanged for great prizes (coming in summer 2017).

Also, be sure to install the mobile app now so you can start showing your GoPage membership card to the businesses you use. This helps you earn great deals and discounts for doing what you normally do.

GoPage For Business

Many of us at GoPage have owned and operated many small businesses in our communities. We know how overwhelming it can be. We have built GoPage with the design goal that you, the business owner, should not have to spend much of your time trying to learn any new technology. In fact, we hope that you won't have to learn much at all and just be able to use GoPage by setting up a few deals to attract new customers into your business.

Once you have added your business to GoPage and claimed it to your profile, why not build out some deals and offer them to other GoPage members? There are many potential customers out there who will find out about your business through GoPage.. All you have to do is log in to GoPage, go to your dashboard and click on the "Create a New Offer" section, then add your new deal. Once complete, approve it for publishing and your offer will be live on the GoPage map, visible to all other GoPage members!

Read the GoPage New Member Guide for more great advice.

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