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Member Benefits & the App

The GoPage mobile application is the heart of the GoPage platform. It contains the digital loyalty card that you present to registered GoPage businesses to show them you are a GoPage Member. The GoPage mobile app allows you to track your visits to your favorite businesses. It also contains an electronic "smart" loyalty card. The card is used by SMBs to reward you for your patronage, and to provide special deals and sales tailored to you. After all, you are truly unique!

I've joined GoPage, what should I do now?

Add the businesses you frequent or want to frequent. This is done by adding a business as a "favorite", this helps the businesses see who their customers are so they can offer you deals that are tailored to you. Stay on the lookout for deals and offers they send your way. Use your membership loyalty card to keep track of your purchases. In addition, Members who own or manage businesses can add or claim their businesses via GoPage as well.

What about Reward Points?

With the GoPage App, you can receive GoPage rewards points by simply signing up and filling in your user profile. These rewards points can be exchanged for great prizes! (Look for more information on our Rewards Program coming this summer.)

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