Drive Traffic to Your Business for Just $1.67 Per Day! More Customers, More Repeat Business, and More Referrals.

Customers are mobile, they search and shop online on their smartphones. GoPage makes it easy for shoppers to find you, do business with you, while increasing retention.

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GoPage is specifically designed for small businesses to drive traffic, engage customers and increase your sales.

With our technology you can really get to know your customers and develop a useful and actionable database to grow your business.

GoPage For Business

We are the C-Commerce People. We are providing SMBs with the one stop shop solution they need to grow, further enrich their community, and ultimately strengthen the national economy!

We help your business move up the search engine list. Your business will stand out in this busy market place! GoPage is the deal locator and digital loyalty program for new and existing customers. GoPage helps you drive traffic, engage customers and increase sales. With GoPage, you will build much better relationships with your customers, learn what special or loyalty items work best to help you grow your business. You will have a useful and actionable database to get new customers and your existing customers to refer their friends and family to your business.

All your customers on your smartphone, all in one app!

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Increase Your Search Engine Ranking to Drive More People to Your Store and Increase Revenue

Use Loyalty Programs to Drive People Back to Your Store

Use Instant Messages to Help Your Customers Buy More Often

Understand Your Customers With our CRM

Better understanding your customers will increase your revenue. Manage your customer data using our built in CRM that is user friendly, all within the GoPage for Business App.

Drive Traffic and Revenue to Your Store With Deals and Discounts

GoPage technology allows you to easily create and deliver deals and specials to customers in your area. Customers view your mobile page to see your offerings. You can message them directly notifying them of any updates on your deals or offers, this includes new customers as well. GoPage helps you market to your customer simply and easily.

Increase Repeat Purchases With Loyalty Programs

Engage and reward your loyal customers directly impacting traffic, driving sales and profitability with your own customized digital loyalty card. Let us show you how today!

Two Affordable Packages


$75 / month

With GoPage Premium, you get to focus on your business and we will handle the rest.

Dedicated Account Manager

We contact you every month to help you with any GoPage marketing changes you want to make.

We will help you with ideas for new mobile marketing initiatives.

We upload and post all of your new mobile marketing changes.

Includes All Standard Features
  1. Mobile presence
  2. Increase Search Engine Rankings
  3. We build your Business a Customized Loyalty Program that can have multiple loyalty choices
  4. CRM
  5. Mobile Marketing, Deals and Promotions
  6. We Provide Private Instant Messaging so you get timely and accurate feedback from your customers.
  7. Phone support
  8. Chat support
  9. Explanation Videos
Custom Account Setup

We do it all for you. We'll set you up and get you started.

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$50 / month

The Essential plan includes everything you need to get started.

Hands-on Training

Training sessions for your team customized to your account setup.

Includes Standard Features
  1. Mobile presence
  2. Increase Search Engine Rankings
  3. We build your business a Customized Loyalty Program that can have multi loyalty choices
  4. CRM
  5. Mobile Marketing, Deals and Promotions
  6. We provide Private Instant Messaging so you get timely and accurate feedback from your customers
  7. Phone support
  8. Chat support
  9. Explanation Videos
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The Team

Peter Schulhof

As a serial entrepreneur since 1981, Peter specializes in corporate structure, assembling cohesive teams, driving the corporate efforts to the finish line. Peter has developed multiple private and public companies in a range of industries including technology, retail small business, resort & multi-family real estate developments.

Steve Sperandeo

13 years’ experience as a software architect, developer and leader, developing, testing, and maintaining large, complex applications with both small and large teams. Naturally curious and driven to create simple, robust, and efficient software solutions. Received an award for 1st placement in his class in computer science and has twice held CEO and CTO positions managing dozens of team members.

We are Local

We help community businesses thrive and connect more with the customers in their community. When GoPage partners with your business, you can compete against the larger national brands. You receive the tools and our help to easily market to existing and new potential customers, drive business growth and grow your bottom line.

What makes GoPage so Special?

We have everything you need in mobile marketing to grow your business in a one stop shop as opposed to dealing with a multitude of companies. Most companies charge at least double our cost for just one of our awesome business growth tools.

We provide;

  1. A Mobile presence for your business
  2. Increase Search Engine Rankings
  3. We build your business a Customized Loyalty Program that can have multi loyalty choices
  4. CRM
  5. Mobile Marketing, Deals and Promotions
  6. We provide Private Instant Messaging so you get timely and accurate feedback from your customers.

Who are you guys anyway?

We are the C-Commerce People. SMBs are the backbone of every economy and we are here to help them thrive in todays and tomorrows mobile market. GoPage is knitting community SMBs and shoppers that live and work there back together; that’s C-Commerce.

What happens if I procrastinate?

Everyday there are more people searching on their smartphones looking for businesses like yours, and customers aren't finding your business.

What results will I actually get from this?

We are going to move you up the search engine rankings.

Your customers and potential customers will be able to see all your mobile promotions, flash sales, and customer offers. You will have more reasons for customers to stay loyal to you and refer your business because of the customized mobile loyalty programs.

You will build stronger relationship with your customers through the CRM program and understand what promotions and loyalty offers are helping you grow your business the most. You will get real time private feedback, that you get to utilize to grow your business and or make it better.

What exactly am I signing up for?

You are moving your business into this quickly growing, mobile market. You are ensuring that your business stays current and evolves with the ever changing mobile shopper market.

How much does it cost? Are there any hidden fees?

There are zero hidden fees, we don't nickel and dime you to death.

You choose whether you want to sign up for the "Essentials" package for $50/ month or the "Premium" package for $75/month.

Our one time $99 set up fee is for building your actionable mobile site, uploading your first marketing and promotion campaigns, your customized Loyalty Program and your CRM.

Are there any long term contracts?

There are zero long term contracts for you to sign. You can cancel your monthly subscription any time.

We have purposely kept your monthly GoPage costs so low so you get tremendous value from the small amount of money you spend.

What on earth could you do with $75/month that would even come close?

What’s included in the support?

For "Essentials" package you get explanation videos, phone support, and chat support. For the "Premium" package you receive all the above support and every month we contact you three times to see what you want to change in your mobile marketing initiative. We will then upload and post all the changes for you.

How simple is it to incorporate GoPage with my Business?

GoPage is so easy to incorporate with your business, you do not need to purchase any hardware or software. GoPage will not interfere with any of the systems you have in place already. GoPage is fully operational on any apple or android device that is five years old or newer. Including tablets and iPod touches.

What is C-Commerce?

C-Commerce stands for Community Commerce. At GoPage we help knit the community SMBs and their shoppers that live and work there back together; thats C-Commerce.

Will this work for my Business?

Yes! GoPage can work for any business, whether you own any kind of retail operation, a Dry Cleaning service, or a Chiropractor service. We can customize and post any offer you have. For a Dry Cleaning service a sample deal might be "Special on Suits for X". A loyalty deal may be "Bring in 10 shirts and get 11th shirt free". An example for a Chiropractor could be "Refer a friend or family member special". A loyalty deal could be "Come in for 10 adjustments and get 50% off 11th adjustment".

What do I get on the Demo?

In the demo we will walk you through our GoPage technology. We show you how the GoPage for Business app works. We will also show you how to work the GoPage interface as if you were a paying customer and have logged into our site.

What are you Waiting For?

Start Increasing Your Sales and Profits Today!

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