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C-Commerce makes it easier, faster and more fun to find the community businesses with the values, deals and specialities you're looking for! You save time and money. Your favourite preferred businesses are able to notify you of deals and offers. Your loyalty earns you rewards, and all your digital loyalty cards are stored in your smart phone, all in one app! You are able to give feedback to your businesses you frequent. You are essential to helping communities businesses thrive. Your engagement as a shopper strengthens each business and the backbone of your community. Everybody wins! That's C-Commerce.

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Use GoPage to find exciting new businesses, services and deals where ever you go.

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Your loyalty card, connects you to many community businesses.

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With GoPage you are a preferred customer in the community receiving deal alerts from all your favourites.

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Get rewarded for your loyalty! Use yourGoPage digital loyalty card to redeem rewards from all your community businesses. If you can pay with your phone, you should be able to get rewarded with just your phone! Download the GoPage shoppers app.


Your GoPage shoppers app finds the specials and deals that you value from community registered GoPage businesses.

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Get engaged and give your feedback to your favourite community businesses. C-Commerce; bringing community together all on one app.

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